This account is only available for users registered for Sweden and Finland.

What is Seqr Invoice?

When you pay with Seqr your purchases and transfers are collected on an invoice sent to you monthly. Neither invoice or interest charges are applied, provided you pay your bill on time. The spending limit will be shown in the app. Every time you make a purchase the limit is reduced. When you paid your bill, it increases again. Seqr’s invoice issuer is Collector Bank (

How do I apply for Seqr Invoice?

  1. Go to “Accounts” in your app and press “Add account”.
  2. Choose Seqr Invoice and approve the terms and conditions with you PIN code.
  3. You will immediately be approved or denied.
  4. Mostly we are able to identify you right away, and your account will be active from the start. But in some cases, for example if you have a hidden number or protected personal data, the identification will be by letter. The letter includes a QR-code and is sent to your home adress. When you have received this letter, open the app and scan the QR-code. Your account is now activated.
  5. Verify your identity by scanning a valid identity document (driver license, ID card or passport).

I cannot scan the QR-code from the activation letter?

The letter you have received with a QR-code to activate your invoice account is only valid for 14 days. It also stops working if you for some reason deregister and register again before you have activated you Seqr Invoice-account. If this would happen to you, please contact customer support for a new letter.

When will I receive my invoice?

Your purchases will be collected monthly and your invoice will be sent the month after you have made the purchases. So, if you have made a purchase in January, your invoice for this will be sent in February. For more detailed information, please contact your invoice issuer Collector Bank (010-161 01 00 or

I have more questions about my invoice, who should I talk to?

have you lost your invoice? Not received it? Other questions? Please contact your invoice issuer, Collector Bank (010-161 01 00 or