This account is only available for users registered for Sweden.

What is My Bank Account?

With “My Bank Account” you are creating a connection via autogiro to a bank account. This means that when you pay with Seqr the money for your purchases will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically.

How do I add my bank account?

To add your account, go to “Accounts” in the Seqr app, press “Add account” and continue.

  1. Approve the connection and terms and conditions with your PIN code.
  2. Verify your identity by scanning a valid ID-card (driver license, ID card or passport)
  3. Connect your bank account
  • Connect via Mobile Bank ID:

Insert your bank account number and all other information. Make sure that everything is correct. You will then be forwarded to a webpage where you approve your autogiro connection to Seamless Remittance AB*. Your Mobile Bank ID app will start automatically and you can approve the account.

  • Connect via your internetbank

Log into your internet bank and create a autogiro mandate for Seamless Remittance AB* (BG 570-6015). Enter your phone number and social security number.

When the mandate is approved you will receive a text message and you can start shopping. This can take up to 2 bank days.


*Seamless Remittance AB is the company who handles Seqr’s transactions. For more information about Seamless, have a look here.

Which banks can I connect to Seqr?

Currently, you can connect your account with Seqr if you are a customer of SEB, Swedbank, DanskeBank, Skandia, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar, Nordea, ICA banken and Ålandsbanken.

Why are you doing a credit check when I connect my bank account?

Since there is a delay before your account is debited for your purchases we reserve the right to do a credit check when you connect your bank account.

When is my account debited?

Your bank account is normally debited 1-2 bank days after a Seqr payment has been executed.

What happens if I do not have enough money on my account?

We will retry to withdraw the amount the next few days. For every try we will add 60 SEK to your dept. If this fails as well your 'My Bank Account' will be blocked and we will send out a collection letter.

How do I remove the connection to my bank account?

You cannot remove the connection to your bank account in the app. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.

What is the terms and conditions for My Bank Account?

Seqr's terms and conditions for “My Bank Account” can be found here.