What is Seqr Account?

A Seqr Account is a pre-paid account. This means that in order to pay or send money, you need to top up your Seqr Account first. No worries, topping up is easy! Once you top up your Seqr Account, you can easily pay and send money to your friends in real time! Meaning that sending money from one Seqr Account to another happens immediately! You don’t need to wait a few days for the money to be deposited on your friend’s account. Or if you’d like, you can also send money from your registered payment account to your friend’s Seqr Account!

How can I add my Seqr Account?

You don’t need to add a Seqr Account. The Seqr Account will automatically be available for all users after registration. Take a look at ‘Accounts’. Now you’ll see your very own Seqr Account was added to the list!

How can I top up my Seqr Account using my card?

Topping up with card is super easy. Check our Seqr Account card top-up article. 

Is it safe to top up Seqr Account with card?

Yes it is. We don't store store your card details at any point of the card top up. We also use 3-D Secure protocol as an additional security layer.

How can I top up my Seqr Account using my bank account?

Topping up is easy! In order to get started follow the next steps:

  • Go to ‘Accounts’ via the menu, tap the (i) icon and choose to ‘Manage funds’. Your account details will open. Make sure that the account you’re transferring from is your registered payment account (for example your SEPA Direct Debit Account or Seqr Invoice account.)
  • Choose a transfer amount and tap ‘Make this transfer’.
  • Confirm the transaction by clicking ‘I Agree’. – Enter your Seqr PIN or your fingerprint using Touch ID (only iOS) and you’re good to go.

Your Seqr Account is now ready to use. Keep in mind that you can top up at any time wherever you are in the world!

How long does it take to top up my Seqr Account?

It's instant.

How can I transfer money from my Seqr Account to my bank account?

Transferring money from your Seqr Account to your SEPA Direct Debit Account or Bank account is very easy. Just follow the next three steps:

  • Go to ‘Accounts’ and tap the information (i) icon on the right. Your account details will open.

  • Tap ‘Manage funds’ to access the top up options. Make sure that the account you’re transferring money from is your Seqr Account.

  • Choose the amount you wish to top up and confirm the transaction with your Seqr PIN or by fingerprint using Touch ID (only iOS).

It's done! The amount will be on your bank account after a few days according to the rules, which you can find here.

!! KEEP IN MIND: Please check from and to which account you want to transfer money. Are you transferring money from your Seqr Account to your SEPA Direct Debit Account or the other way around? You can easily change the direction of the transfer by clicking on 'swap accounts'.

How can I send an instant P2P in Seqr?

Sending money to your friends happens instantly in exactly the same way like you’re used to. Simply check if the account you’re using is your Seqr Account! You can easily check this at the top of your screen. If it says ‘Seqr Account’ you’re good to go!

In some countries you can also use your Seqr Invoice account to send an instant P2P.

Will my Seqr Account work like any other account?

Yes, and you will like it because it’s faster! The difference in both accounts lies within the speed of processing your payments. Transferring money from one Seqr Account to another will happen instantly, while transferring money amongst SEPA Direct Debit Accounts or My Bank account and Seqr Accounts will happen according to the specific payment accounts rules. You can find more information about the different types of payment accounts here. Using your Seqr Account, you can still do the same actions like you’re used to! You can easily pay, send or receive money, enjoy promotions, cash back  and many more!