What is Tap & Pay?

Tap & Pay is a feature that allows every Seqr user with an NFC enabled Android device to make contactless payments in stores. To make a payment you simply need to hold your device up to the payment terminal whilst your app is on the Tap & Pay page. In store contactless acceptance is growing extremely quickly, just look out for the contactless symbol on card machines in your local stores.

How can I activate Tap & Pay?

In order to pay with Tap & Pay, you will need the Seqr app. You can download the app easily on the Google Play Store. To activate Tap & Pay, simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to the menu and choose ‘Activate Tap & Pay’.

2. A new screen opens where you can activate Tap & Pay.

3. Enter your Seqr PIN code and tap ‘Continue’.

4. Tap & Pay is activated. As soon as the process is complete, you will be informed.

5. Tap & Pay has been activated! You can now use Tap & Pay!

What does my smartphone need to be able to use Tap & Pay?

In order to be able to pay with Tap & Pay, you need the following:

  • An Android Phone (Android version 4.4 or higher)
  • The Seqr app
  • Seqr app version: 4.5.5 or higher
  • A smartphone with NFC technology.

How do I enable NFC on my smartphone? Click here for answer.

Where can I pay with Tap & Pay?

With Tap & Pay you can make payments worldwide at any payment terminal accepting contactless payments. At contactless payment terminals, you will find the below symbol. If this is present on the terminal, you can pay using Tap & Pay. You can also always ask for information in the shop itself.


How do I pay using Tap & Pay?

You can make contactless payments with Seqr by opening app and selecting Tap & Pay The Tap & Pay button can be found in two places: to the bottom right of your screen and it also appears when you tap on menu. In order to pay, you hold your phone near the payment terminal. If the amount you wish to pay is higher than your country's contactless limit, you may be asked to enter your Tap & Pay PIN code on the payment terminal. Please be aware that in some countries such as the UK will not allow you to pay with contactless unless the amount is under the contactless limit.

Where can I find my Tap & Pay PIN code?

The Tap & Pay PIN code is different from your Seqr PIN code. You will find your Tap & Pay PIN code via ‘Security and Privacy’ in your Seqr app! Your Tap & Pay PIN code is only required if you are making a purchase over €25 or 200 SEK (depending on your currency) in countries that accept contactless payments for high value purchases.

When should I use my Tap & Pay PIN code?

You only need your Tap & Pay PIN code for purchases over €25 or 200 SEK depending on your currency (in countries that accept contactless payments for high value purchases). If the amount of your purchase is lower, simply hold your device near the payment terminal and you’re done!

Can I pay using Tap & Pay when I am offline?

Yes, if you are not connected to the internet, you are able to make five contactless payments with Tap & Pay. Once you are connected to the internet again, these payments will be synchronized and you can carry out another five payments without an internet connection.

Does the payment work in the same way as other Seqr payments?

Like other Seqr payments, the parent company Seamless will debit payments a few days after the purchase. Your first purchase may be debited from your account up to 7 banking days after. As soon as this first amount has been transferred to the account of Seqr, each of the following payments will be debited from your bank account 2 working days after they have been made.

If you’re using your Seqr Account this will be a little different. Since this is a pre-paid account, all you need to do to is top up your account before you can use it. The amount will then be debited straight away.

Am I entitled to cashback up to 3% with Tap & Pay too?

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you pay via Tap & Pay or via the scan and pay. The cashback reward is available for everyone that make payments with the Seqr app.

Does the same spending limit apply to Tap & Pay?

Yes! After registering with Seqr and adding your bank, you will receive a maximum spending limit. If you make a payment with Seqr, the amount with be debited from this limit. For more information about the limits, please take a look here.

Does the merchant need to offer Seqr in order to pay using contactless?

No, the merchant does not need to sign up with Seqr for you to be able to pay with Tap & Pay. All payment terminals with the contactless symbol support contactless payments with Tap & Pay.

Can I activate Tap & Pay with any Android device?

Most NFC enabled Androiddevices support Tap & Pay but unfortunately there are some exceptions. Mastercard do not accept NFC payments with all Android devices and therefore not everyone can use the Tap & Pay functionality. If you want to know if Mastercard accepts your device, please visit the following website: http://mastercard-mobilepartner.com/approvals.html