What is the cashback program?

The cashback program gives all our users a chance to receive up to 3% back on everything you pay with Seqr. Whether you're shopping at one of our partner stores, online, or purchasing products via Shop on the Spot– you always receive up to 3% back.

  • For 1-11 payment/month you get 1% back
  • For 12-19 payments/month you get 2% back
  • For 20 or more payments/month you get 3% back 

For Seqr’s cashback program no registration is needed.

It automatically applies for all Seqr users and for all payments (exception: Sending money P2P) regardless of which account you’re using. Moreover, it applies in addition to all other discounts! For example:

In month 1, you make 1 payment for €100; you receive 1% = €1

In month 2, you make 12 payments for €200 in total; you receive 2% = €4

In month 3, you make 22 payments for €300 in total; you receive 3% = €9

In total you receive a cashback of €14


Which Seqr payments give the right to cashback returns?

A cashback return will be offered for payments with Seqr that relate to:

  • Payments in stores
  • Online payments
  • SEQR Shop on the Spot payments

P2P transactions (sending money) and donating to charity do not count for the cashback program.

When do I receive my cashback return?


  • January, February, March -> Payout in April
  • April, May, June -> Payout in July
  • July, August, September -> Payout in October
  • October, November, December -> Payout in January

This means you save up for your cashback for three months after which, your cashback will be transferred to your Seqr Account each quarter.

Does any minimum amount apply?

The minimum amount for a cashback return is €1.

On which account will I receive my cashback?

You will receive your cashback reward on your Seqr Account. The Seqr Account is our pre-paid account, meaning that as soon as you received your cashback, you can use it immediately. If you’d rather transfer your cashback to your bank account this can also be done. Click here for more information.

Which transactions count for a cashback?

All purchases are rewarded:

  • In-store
  • Online
  • Shop on the Spot

Cashback will not be offered for Person-2-Person (P2P) transaction; when Seqr users transfer money to another Seqr account or donating to charity using Alla Insamlingar.

Who is eligible for the cashback program?

The cashback program applies automatically to anyone who downloads the Seqr app and pays in stores, online or via Shop on the Spot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your SEPA Direct Debit Account or your Seqr Account. You are always eligible to a cashback!