How can I change my email address?

Go to ‘Your profile’ via the main menu. You can change your email address from here.

Will I retain my details if I register again?

Yes, to do this simply follow the steps below:

  1. Begin the registration process again by accepting the Terms of Service.
  2. Enter your Seqr PIN code twice.
  3. Enter the telephone number you were previously registered under.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your activation code. Your will receive this automatically by SMS.
  6. Click ‘Upload your profile’.
  7. Enter your old Seqr PIN code.

What if I have forgotten my old Seqr PIN code?

For security reasons, if you lose your PIN code you can’t get a new one. You will have to register again to choose a new PIN code. Our Customer Service team will then be able to help you restore your account.