Can I link my ID to multiple Seqr accounts?

It is not permitted to link one ID to multiple accounts. As soon as one ID is linked to two Seqr accounts, both accounts will be blocked. In order to resolve this, please contact customer service.

Can I change my Seqr PIN code?

Yes, you can easily change your Seqr PIN code in the Seqr app.

  1. Open the Seqr app.
  2. Go through the menu to ‘Security and Privacy’.
  3. Under ‘Security’, choose ‘Change your Seqr PIN code’.
  4. Enter your old Seqr PIN code and click ‘Continue’.
  5. You can now enter a new Seqr PIN code.
  6. Confirm your Seqr PIN code.
  7. You are ready!

If you forget your Seqr PIN code, please contact our customer service. They will help you to restore your account.


How do I know that my account has been activated?

When you download the Seqr app, you can easily register. Your registration is completed when your spending limit is raised from 0 within the timespan of a few minutes. If this limit remains at 0, then we were not able to verify your identity during the registration process. In order to correct this, you need to scan your ID once again. In doing so, make sure that the picture is in focus and clearly legible.

You can easily complete this process by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Seqr app and click on your payment account
  2. Then click on the (i) behind your payment account
  3. Verify your identity by making a photo of both the front and back of the document.
  4. The camera will automatically open upon clicking on ‘Front’ or ‘Back’. 

Unless you're using the Seqr Account. Your Seqr Account is immediately active, but in order to use it, you should top up first or receive money from a friend or family member.

Learn how to top up here.

I am not receiving an activation code? What do I do?

Please check that you have entered the correct mobile number, starting with the country code, followed by your phone number without the initial zero. If you still do not receive the code, then please contact customer service.

Can I link my credit card to Seqr?

No. It isn't possible to link your credit card to the Seqr app.