How can I make payments with Seqr?

There are two ways to pay with Seqr in stores.

  • If the store has a payment terminal that accepts contactless payments you can use tap & pay. To use this feature simply hold your Android phone against the terminal whilst you're on the tap and pay screen. Be aware that in some countries there are certain limits per transaction. Please see more information about this here.
  • If the store has a Seqr QR code, you can use scan & pay. To use scan & pay, simply scan the QR code with your Seqr app. Your smartphone screen will then display the amount to be paid. Simply confirm the amount with your personal PIN code and the payment is complete. Please see more information about this here.

What is the maximum amount that I can pay?

You can find your up-to-date spending limit for the account currently in use on the home screen of your app. For more information about your specific account, take a look here.

Do I need to transfer money in advance to be able to pay with Seqr?

No, this is not necessary. If you successfully completed the registration process and added a payment account, you will automatically be granted a spending limit. This will not be taken from your current account, but indicates the maximum amount that you can spend with Seqr at that time. For more information on this, please refer to the next question.

When does my spending limit decrease or increase?

After a successful registration of your payment account your maximum spending limit is shown. When you make a purchase with Seqr, the purchase amount will be deducted from this limit. As soon as Seqr has collected the money for this payment, your spending limit will again be raised with the amount you did a purchase for. You can find your up-to-date spending limit on the home screen of your app.

When will the money for my payments with Seqr be taken from my bank account?

When you make a payment with Seqr, the parent company Seamless will debit this payment a few days after the purchase. Your first purchase may be debited from your account up to 7 banking days after. As soon as this first amount has been transferred to the account of Seqr, each of the following payments will be debited from your bank account 2 days after they have been made.

If you’re using your Seqr Account this will be a little different. Since this is a pre-paid account, all you need to do to is top up your account before you can use it. The amount will then be debited straight away.

What happens when there is insufficient balance left on my bank account?

If you make a payment with Seqr and we are not able to collect the money due to insufficient/no money in your account, your Seqr account will be blocked. We will then make a second attempt to collect the funds and if this is successful your account will automatically be unblocked. If not, Seqr will contact you for a manual payment of the amount. Your Seqr account will be activated again after we have received the full payment by transfer.

Who can make mobile payments abroad?

Seqr users are able to make payments abroad at no extra charge. You can make a payment with scan and pay wherever Seqr QR codes are present. You can also use tap and pay globally wherever the contactless symbol is shown and Mastercard is accepted.

Will I incur costs when using Seqr abroad?

There are currently no charges when using Seqr abroad.

What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate for purchases in other countries is based on the Swedish National Bank’s official exchange rate. For information about this visit their website.